Attorney Jody Booher Named Partner 17:17, May 16, 2017

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Attorney Jody Booher has been named partner with the local law firm, Barrick Switzer Long Balsley & Van Evera. BSLBV has been serving the Rockford region for over 75 years. Jody joins a list of accomplished attorneys at BSLBV, continuing the tradition of expert legal counsel in the Rockford region.


Jody has been an associate with BSLBV ever since she graduated from NIU in 2007. Her years spent with the firm have included work in numerous practice areas. Her main areas of practice are Civil Litigation with special focus on Commercial, Corporate, Finance, Personal Injury, and Equine Law. Attorney Booher also has a large focus in appeal law.


BSLBV has helped business and individual clients with expert legal counsel in multiple legal practice areas.  Areas of civil, business, estate planning, municipal, injury, family, real estate, and bankruptcy. Each BSLBV attorney has the skills, knowledge, and determination necessary to provide highly professional legal services to clients confronted with demanding legal issues. Our attorneys know how to get the job done.


Attorney Booher, had this to say in reflection of her years at the firm: I have enjoyed working with the whole team at Barrick, Switzer, Long, Balsley & Van Evera since the first day I became a lawyer.  I am truly grateful to become a partner with such a great group of professionals.”


Jody is a member of a number of Associations, including the IL State Bar, American Bar, Winnebago County Bar, and the Chicago Bar. She is a member of the American Horse Assc., American Paint Horse Assc., and the Appellate Lawyer’s Assc.



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